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Mission Statement

Empower People.  Reduce Crime.


The John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin (JHSP-H-D) has been a presence in this community since 1979, and is one of 17 John Howard Society affiliates in Ontario. The Society takes its name from the English prison reformer John Howard (1726 – 1790), who chronicled the conditions of prisons in his seminal work “The State of Prisons in England and Wales”. John Howard’s book was the beginning of a prison reform movement in England and was the basis of many changes to the penal system in Europe.

Our mission is to prevent crime through research, community education, and the promotion of systemic change and restorative services to individuals. Our organization’s objective is to encourage individual well being through informed services to persons at risk of committing crime. Our services are available to youth and adults both male and female. Key to our success is our commitment to advancing community awareness of crime and its context by encouraging citizen involvement and inclusion in crime prevention strategies.

We have systematically developed and implemented an integrated group of core services, based on effective corrections research, that take reasonable steps to prevent youth crime. Our services prevent crime by reducing the individual behaviours and circumstances linked to criminal activity, and by promoting the attitudes and skills, which support a law-abiding lifestyle. Interventions are directed at client motivation, skill development, personal accountability and self-control. Our services also aim to reintegrate individuals and restore communities.

The services of the John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin are driven by a commitment to individual empowerment and inclusive processes. The John Howard Society depends on public involvement. John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin has been accountable to this community through a volunteer Board of Directors who direct, control and inspires the organization. Volunteers and student placements are extensively involved in the direct service work of the Society and many also support our work through donations.

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Kacsuta

Board of Directors

Pauline Wainwright
Keith Gilbert
Rafiq Rokerya
Vice President
Peter Wood


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