John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

John-Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin provides effective responses and vital services that empower individuals, foster wellbeing, and address the root causes of crime.

Our Vision

As experts in the reduction and prevention of crime, we are committed to creating connected and safe communities where individuals thrive.

Our Beliefs

Human Rights – We believe that everyone deserves fair and equitable access to justice, safe and affordable housing, employment, education, and health care.

Justice for All – We believe in a justice system that is free of barriers and that supports individuals to find their voice, realize their potential, and reintegrate into the community.

Access to Services – We believe that accessible and strength-based services are paramount to creating and sustaining positive change.

Empowerment – We believe that when connected to appropriate supports, every individual can thrive and contribute to their communities.

Community Engagement – We believe in building strong partnerships in the best interests of all individuals to foster safe, connected and inclusive communities.

Our Values

Restorative Justice – We promote and practice compassionate treatment of all people by encouraging the repair of harm and the restoration of positive relationships through respect, responsibility, and empathy.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – We are committed to anti-racism and anti-oppression to ensure a culture of accessibility, safety, and belonging.

Client-Focused – We preserve dignity through a client-centred approach that meets the complex needs of the diverse communities we serve.

Collaboration – We promote a culture of engagement, partnership and innovation built on respect, honesty, and authenticity.

 Growth and Learning – We are dedicated to continual development and improvement in order to understand and address crime and its complex causes.