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The United Way will provide emergency grants to local charitable organizations working to meet the basic needs of individuals disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus. 

The new community response fund will help to ensure that emergency funding is available to charities across the North East region who are providing essential support and services to help our most vulnerable people stay healthy.

Organizations in need of help, meanwhile, should not hesitate to “reach out to United Way,” she said. “We are in this together. We are a strong, resilient community, and together we will make it through this uncertain time.” 

Donations to the community response fund can be made at or mailed to 957 Cambrian Heights Drive, Unit 201, Sudbury, Ont., P3C 5S5. Additional information about the fund is available at


The John Howard Society of Sudbury is launching a new program to deal with a very serious issue our youth are facing on a daily basis.

The John Howard Society of Sudbury is cognizant of the apprehensions many of our community members may have regarding the COVID – 19 virus.  Thus the media conference to unveil our new program dealing with youth sexual assault has been delayed.  Please consult our website on the Centre for Youth Diversion web page for information on this program.


The John Howard Society of Sudbury in accordance with the recommendations of health professionals for social distancing will join other businesses and organizations in our community and close for service effective March 17, 2020.  We will re-open on April 6, 2020 at 9:00 am.

Upon re-opening we will ensure that our agency is a safe environment by taking the following steps:

To Our Community members:

These are uncertain times due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). There have been unprecedented impositions placed upon our families and communities. At the John Howard Society of Sudbury, we share your concerns and would like to underscore our commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients, staff  and community members. That is why we are closely monitoring and following updates, guidelines, and recommendations from the Public Health Services of Canada regarding the status of the virus and its impact on the community at large.

Safe Service Experience

We are taking several steps to ensure the safety of our agency environment as we continue to deliver the best possible experience to our clients and working environment for our staff.  Specifically:

  Asking employees to stay home if they or anyone in their household feels unwell

  Stocking our agency with appropriate cleaning and sanitizing supplies

  Cleaning all surfaces of the entire agency regularly along with high-touch surfaces that will be cleaned even more frequently


The John Howard Society believes in effective, just and humane responses to crime and its causes.  We are dedicated to creating genuinely safer communities by helping to foster a truly effective criminal justice system. The John Howard Society helps people reintegrate into society, thereby reducing alienation, crime and recidivism.

Our mission is resolute. We want to help to create a truly effective criminal justice system – one that serves us all, that confronts crime and its causes and that fosters safer communities.  In short, we help people turn away from a life of crime. Surely, that’s what we’d all like to see.

Practically speaking, we STOP Crime Now ! TM through the multitude of programs and services that we offer to the community.  You can help us to STOP Crime Now ! TM through your donation to the John Howard Society of Sudbury.  All funds raised are used to deliver our programs and services in the Sudbury and North Bay communities.   STOP Crime Now ! TM is a registered trademark of the John Howard Society of Sudbury.

We are proud to commemorate Prisoners Justice Day every year.  It is a day where we remember the violence within the walls of incarceration and the men and women who have died because of this violence while incarcerated.  In 2019 the commemoration will be on August 9 at 10:00 am on the grounds of the Sudbury Jail.  For more information please go to the Prisoners Justice Day page on our website.

Some of our funders include the following and we are truly appreciative of their support.  Given that the vast majority of Canadians claim to give to charities but just less than 25% of Canadians claim their charitable donations on their tax return, you may want to make sure you know the benefits!  Your donations are important !  Please remember us.

To easily calculate the tax savings for a donation of any amount, use

For information on how our programs and services can be accessed in French contact the John Howard Society of Sudbury at the references located on our contact page.  Those programs and services that are available in French are noted with an (F) in the title of each service or program.

Vianet is a proud supporter of the John Howard Society and the great work that we do all across Ontario to provide effective, just, and humane responses to crime and its causes. Vianet supports and helps in creating safer communities and to STOP Crime Now!

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