John Howard Society of Sudbury

Adult Services

is achieved through displays, discussions and speakers. The program informs the community of the goals and operations of the John Howard Society and of current issues in the criminal justice field. Speakers are available to discuss a variety of topics including the Youth Criminal Justice Act, drugs, alcohol and incarceration experience.

is available for those clients who voluntarily request assistance or are referred by others. Individuals are seen the same day to determine the nature of the request and the assistance available. We offer one-on-one counseling and referrals to other resources. This service also includes assistance with completion of record suspension (pardon) applications.

is conducted on a regular basis at the local jail in response to requests. Assistance may include contact with legal aid and involvement with the family.

is provided on a weekly basis to inmates at the Sudbury Jail.

involves meeting with inmates, at their request, to develop an individual plan of action that can be followed upon release. This plan is based on individual need and may involve networking and collaborating with service providers to assure assistance to clients. Once released, follow-up support is available.

is an option to jail sentences and can be a condition of a probation order for adult and youth offenders. Individuals are required to work a specific number of hours of community service work. The focus is assistance for seniors, non-profit organizations, and physically challenged persons

The Direct Accountability Program is an alternative to prosecution for eligible individuals who have been charged with minor criminal offences. The program involves accused persons being held accountable through community based sanctions. Some of the sanctions that are assigned through the Direct Accountability program include: restitution, an apology, volunteer work, charitable donation, attending a program or presentation, peace bond.

The John Howard Society assists people with criminal records to apply for a record suspension, formerly known as a pardon.  It is a lengthy process and can take up to two years.  If you would like more information contact the John Howard Society as soon as possible.