Our Organization

The John Howard Society of Ontario has grown to include 19 local offices and over 700 staff and 750 volunteers. In 1967, the John Howard Society of Ontario obtained its registered charitable status. Together with the other provincial and territorial offices, the John Howard Society of Ontario is a member of the John Howard Society of Canada.

JHSO is accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards Program for excellence in fundraising, financial accountability and transparency, governance, management and volunteer involvement.

Our Role

The John Howard Society of Ontario performs two complementary functions. The Centre of Research, Policy & Program Development provides cutting-edge non-partisan research, evidence-based programming, policy development, and informative education material.
In addition, we provide administrative support to all of our local offices across Ontario.

Our Staff

JHSO Staff

Paula Osmok    Executive Director
Maureen Zuniga    Human Resources & Administrative Coordinator
Erika Chang    Human Resources & Administrative Assistant
Miranda Queh    Financial Coordinator

The Centre of Research, Policy & Program Development

Michelle Keast    Director
Safiyah Husein    Policy Analyst
Jonathan Robart    Legal Program Developer
Reza Ahmadi    Researcher & Program Evaluator
Sunny Dhillon    Researcher & Program Evaluator

JHSO Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the John Howard Society of Ontario consists of 27 community member volunteers from across Ontario. Of this group 8 are “directors at large” and the remaining 19 are nominated by and from each local office of the Society. This system allows for representation from all the communities in which we are located and ensures that their unique needs are addressed. Our Board follows the Carver model of governance and meets four times per year with meetings of our various committees interspersed throughout the year.

Executive Committee

Bruce Simpson    President
Ron Cuthbert    Vice-President
Brian Cavanagh    Treasurer
Rob MacLellan    Secretary
Trisha Simpson    Executive Committee Member-at-large
Rob Thibodeau    Executive Committee Member-at-large
Pauline Wainwright    Executive Committee Member-at-large


Sheila Arthurs    Michael Bryant
Eleanor Cavanagh    Gyan Chandra
Gerry Croteau    Chauntelle Curlette
Abb Gilbert    Jill Hillman
Mary Jane Kingston    Jean LeDrew-Metcalfe
Paul Legacy    Sandy Lychowyd
Hermon Mayers    Paul Mundra
Christina Ninham    Jim Preston
John Rives    Michael V. Sabo