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Welcome to the John Howard Society of Peterborough. We’ve been fostering community safety, wellness, & resilience for over 60 years.


August 2022

Great News!

We’re delighted to announce our Transitional Residence is complete and we’re accepting applications through the By-Name-List. This residence is fully secure and staffed 24/7.

Contact Kirk Hillier at:

Want to Volunteer?

Delta Bingo Volunteers:
Do you have 2 hours to offer? Your volunteer time will fund our direct client supports (ex. grocery cards, bus passes, personal care kits…). When you pitch in 2 hours at Bingo, you raise about $400 for direct supports. It’s a super simple way to help meet immediate needs for the 580 youth and adults we serve each year.

Aspire Mentorship Volunteers:
Become an Aspire Mentor! The Aspire Program supports young adults, aged 17 – 25 in achieving their training and employment goals through mentorship.

For volunteer information call/text Caitlin at: 705-917-1377 or email


Want to Make a Donation?


You can directly support over 580 community members (280 adults and 300 youth) through these critically needed services:

  • Youth Justice programs (court support, accountability, & education)
  • Youth Mentorship
  • School programs (conflict resolution, self-empathy, & peer mediation)
  • Food pantry for clients
  • Programs that prevent and address domestic violence
  • Transition housing for men (fully secure & staffed 24/7)
  • Re-integration supports for adults
  • Caring Dads

Thank you so much. 


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