John Howard Society of Peterborough

About Us

Mission Statement

In partnership with the community to make Peterborough safer through prevention, education, reform, aftercare and treatment services for persons who are, or who have the potential to be involved in the Criminal Justice System.


Since 1957, the John Howard Society of Peterborough has been providing services to individuals of all genders, youth and adults, who are in conflict or at risk of becoming in conflict with the law, their families, and the victims of crime.
Our goal is to help reduce the incidence of criminal behaviour through prevention, support, counselling, courses and programs and to better understand and cope with the criminal justice system.

The John Howard Society of Peterborough is affiliated with the John Howard Society of Ontario and the John Howard Society of Canada, and is one of 55 local John Howard Organizations across the country.The organization’s roots go back to the 1770’s, when Englishman John Howard, a former prison inmate, made it his life’s work to improve prison conditions and initiate reforms to the criminal justice system in Britain and across Europe.

Board of Directors

Chris Russell

Paul Legacy
Past Chair

Linda Twohey

Rob Hotston

Dr. Alan Rodgers

Dan Smith

Dr. Lara Hiseler

Karen Bateman

Elise Noriega

Our Staff

Kathy Neill, Executive Director
Tina Staplin, Finance Officer
Diane Gallagher, Reception

Justice Services 
Dana Hetherton, Manager of Justice Services  
Megan Carrick, Intake, Outreach worker and Institutional Services
Caitlin JacobsMediation & Restorative Justice Coordinator 

Abbi Barrie, Programs Facilitator, Youth Worker & Youth Court Support
Emily, Partner Support Worker – Partner Assault Response Program (PAR)

Community and Training
Marion Little, Manager of Community Services & Training  
Bethann Brown, Volunteer Coordinator, The Aspire Program
Jane Garant, Youth Counsellor, The Aspire Program
Suzie Compeau, Counsellor, Healing from Within
Wes Ryan, Peer Counsellor, Healing from Within


Dana Hetherton; Kathy Neill; Don Gibson; Kirk Hillier; Bill Kilpatrick; Graham Petty; Jane Garant; Jude Sternloff; Abbi Barrie

AGM Report 2017-18

2017-18 John Howard Society AGM Report 2017-2018 

Strategic Plan

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