John Howard Society of Peterborough

About Us

We believe that justice is human.

It is a living system of accountability, correction and growth that must work for the communities and individuals it touches. We believe that when our responses to crime are truly effective, they cost society less and provide us with more. When they are just, they create safer communities. And when they are humane, they reflect the potential everyone has for a better future.

We work for the people affected by the justice system.

Through evidence-based programs focused on prevention, intervention and re-integration, we build better futures for individuals and safer communities for all. We help youth develop the critical life skills that will let them achieve their full

potential and avoid future justice involvement. We support families with counseling and resources to help them navigate the challenges of criminal justice. For those leaving incarceration, we provide housing and training to help them find a job, reintegrate into their community and reduce their risk of re-offense. Our Centre of Research & Policy connects front-line service providers with innovative analysis to translate research into action.

Whether with policy or programming, advocacy or service delivery, we strive for human justice in Ontario.

Mission Statement

In partnership with the community to make Peterborough safer through prevention, education, reform, aftercare and treatment services for persons who are, or who have the potential to be involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Our Board of Directors

Robert Hotston                                      Paul Legacy



Linda Twohey                                        Dan Smith



Christopher Russell                             Dr. Lara Hiseler
Past Chair


Karen Bateman                                     Elise Noriega

Vice Chair

Our Staff


Kathy Neill, Executive Director
Tina Staplin, Finance Manager


Justice Services

Dana Hetherton, Manager of Justice Services 

Megan Carrick, Adult Justice Services Coordinator

Caitlin Jacobs, Restorative Justice Coordinator, Youth Justice Program Coordinator

Justin Thain, Youth Justice Diversion Coordinator

Kit, Partner Support Worker – Partner Assault Response Program (PAR)


Community and Training

Marion Little, Manager of Community Services & Training 

Jane Garant, Youth Counsellor, The Aspire Program
Suzie Compeau, Counsellor, Healing from Within

Omar Ali, Volunteer Coordinator



Dana Hetherton, Don Gibson, Kirk Hillier, Bill Kilpatrick, Graham Petty, Jane Garant, Abbi Barrie, Bethann Brown

Strategic Plan

JHS Peterborough 2020 2025 Strat Plan

Charitable Status and Financial Information

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