John Howard Society of Peterborough

Adult Programs

Partner Assault Response

Location: at 305 Stewart St or online (Zoom)
A 12-week family violence prevention program for adults (18 years & older) charged with domestic assault.

Anger Management

Location: at 305 Stewart St.
An 8-week class for men (18 years & older) choosing to develop healthy responses to feelings of anger.  Individual workshops can be arranged as required.

Caring Dads

Location: Online (Zoom)
A 17-week class for fathers that teaches abuse prevention, child protection, & core parenting skills. You must have a referral from CAS or Crown/ Court.

Parenting, Relationships, & Communication

Location: Online (Zoom)
This is excellent personal & professional development for anyone supporting children & youth. Classes offered in partnership with Living In Families Effectively.  Located in Victoria B.C. you can attend on-line workshops or sign up for self directed learning.

Institutional Services

Location: Warkworth Institution
Bi-weekly visits to Warkworth Institution to assist individuals reintegrating into their community.