John Howard Society of Peterborough

Institutional Services

The John Howard Society offers support and advice for men at Warkworth Institution. Our staff assists inmates at Warkworth Institution with pre-release planning by providing information on housing, employment, education, counselling and other services and agencies that can meet their needs. Our Institutional Service Worker attends the institution on a bi-weekly basis, to assist with community reintegration preparation.

Call us Toll Free 1-833-698-9898

What to do?
Have your Parole Officer send a request to our staff in order to be placed on the visitation list, or contact our staff during office hours. We accept collect calls from Warkworth Institution


For More Information

Contact the John Howard Society
Megan Carrick
Intake, Institutional Services & Outreach Worker
t: (705) 743 8331 ext. 207