John Howard Society of Belleville
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Staff are in the office and in person appointments are available for some programs and services. Please leave a message on our machine at (613) 968-6628 or email  For Bail matters, please call (613) 242-2414.

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Just, Humane and Effective Responses to crime and its causes.

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The John Howard Society of Belleville & District, provides for the effective integration into the community of those in conflict with the law, and provides, or encourages others to provide, services to those in conflict with, or affected by the criminal justice system.

Promotes public awareness of crime and its causes, acceptance of responsibility to respond to these problems, and involvement in the delivery and management of justice related programs.

Supports are provided to those at risk of entering the criminal justice system, offenders, ex-offenders, their families, schools, communities and the public at large that encourages reintegration, community safety and prevention of crime.