John Howard Society of Belleville

Youth Employment Pathways

JHSB has received funding to work with youth, employers and community service partners to help the most disengaged youth in the community. Our current funder, Skills Development Fund (SDF), has made it possible for this project to continue in its third year.

The goal of the Youth Employment Pathways/Employers for Change project is to empower at risk youth to gain the skills needed to participate in the labour market and unlock their economic potential to address the employer’s hiring needs.

This project is youth driven and youth led. Our Youth Peer Mentor Program hires youth with lived experience to act as advisors, recruiters and coaches to assist youth on their employment pathway.

Employment Pathways also:

  • Offers job experience via JHS’s Food Ventures
  • Connects youth to training
  • Runs workshops in the following areas:
    • Customer Care
    • Digital & Social Media
    • Construction
  • Coordinates wraparound supports to help youth to address barriers
  • Arranges educational credits via work experience
  • Recruits & supports employers to provide jobs to at-risk youth


For more information please contact our project leads by email or phone our office at 613-968-6628.

Holly: – Job Coach