John Howard Society of Belleville

Youth In Transition Worker Program

The Youth in Transition Worker program is designed to encourage, support and coach individuals in their process of transitioning to adulthood. The YIT Worker assists in facilitating stronger access to services in the community, while building resiliency in moving forward as an adult. The program embraces a motivational coaching model and is highly centered on a one on one conversational meeting that empower youth in achieving their personal goals.

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Who Can Participate?

– Youth leaving care ages 16 to 24
– Youth who have been previously involved or are currently involved with CAS under the following criteria – Crown or societal wardship, legal custody order, formal customary care agreement, eligible to receive RYS at 16/17 (does not have to have accepted this), were eligible to receive Continued Care and Support for Youth (CCSY) (formally called Extended Care and Maintenance), and/or are in the process of, or have recently transitioned out of the CAS

The YIT Worker follows the plan set by the youth and can help the youth in any area of their life. The Worker can help build connections in:

– Employment services and training
– Housing supports
– Education resources
– Life skills training
– Financial literacy training
– Health and mental health services
– Healthy relationship supports
– Parenting supports
– Legal services
– Computer training
– Healthy living and recreation