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Peer Mentor Program

What makes our program different, but successful is that we use Youth Peer Mentors with lived experience to work with ALL youth around Hasting’s County to help them see the potential in themselves to continue their education using a trauma informed lens. Our Peer Mentors grow up in very similar circumstances that many of the youth we work with experience personally, which allows them to work with the youth in a more personalized way. From there, Peer Mentors can also become a bridge to community resources available for youth using a plan they determine, through coaching, to overall support their transition and overcome barriers that impact their ability to succeed.

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Meet your Peer Mentors


Liam Smith

I am 21 years old 

I love sports, Movies, videogames, and love music, Concerts are really fun for me. 

Pronouns: He, Him. 

Bio: my goal is through the John Howard is to help those who went through the same troubling experiences as me in the system.  I am a former crown ward, a youth advocate, and I want better for the whole system in general.  I personally also had a troubling high school experience and found it started to be mentally hard to keep myself in school, I have channeled this into a becoming a Youth Peer Mentor through the John Howard Society of Belleville. Together along with my peer mentor team, we hope to make a difference.



Julia Eagles

Hi, my name is Julia. I like anime and animated series of all kinds, for videogames I usually go for JRPGS or simulation games, but I like everything. My favourite thing is finding stickers, posters and buttons made by fans. Pronouns: She/ Her


Bio: My goal through the John Howard Society is to connect with indigenous youth who, like myself, have not had the best time navigating the system. I struggled in high school; I went 3 different schools before dropping out at 16. When I was 17, I was a teen mom with no diploma, skills, or job. I did not want to use any services, I felt like they were telling me what I knew “finish school and find a job” but I did not get support to meet those goals. It was though advocacy and community groups in Belleville that I found that support. With the Youth Peer Mentor team, I want to help local youth find these pathways to their goals, with less delays and barriers. I want to help youth feel empowered and confident in themselves and their skills.

Shawn Brown.

If you would like to contact our Peer Mentors, you can:


Phone:                   John Howard and ask for Peer Mentors – 613-968-6628

Facebook:           When There’s Youth There’s a Way

Instagram:          @whentheresyouththersaway


Train the Trainer Program: We believe every youth has the potential to be a future Peer Mentor after they move on from our program, which is why we have decided to implement a “Train the Trainer” addition to our program. If a youth we are working with expresses interest in wanting to know more, we can help them build a portfolio designed for aspiring Peer Mentors. Every portfolio can be custom made by the youth, with help from the Peer Mentor acting as an advisor for the construction of their portfolio. Youth can also include anyone who is close to them to act as an advisor to support them, and our Community Partners can help connect youth with resources to build their educational credentials (or a PHD in Life as we like to call it!!)