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Partner Assault Response Program

Partner Assault Response (PAR)

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) program is a court-ordered domestic violence program funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.  The 12 week PAR program promotes non-violent and non-controlling attitudes and behaviours for men and women who have assaulted their partners (past or present). The program encourages men and women to recognize and accept responsibility for their assaultive behaviour. It assists participants in changing their belief system about power and control issues.

The program also enhances victim safety through confidential outreach to victims who have been abused. While an individual is enrolled in the PAR program, the Partner Support Worker will contact the past and/or current partner of the PAR participant. The purpose of this contact is to offer support, information and referrals to community resources.

Registering for the Program

PAR is added to the conditions of bail; undertaking of recognizance or 810 Peace Bond. 
There is a fee for services. A sliding fee scale is available. Cultural Interpreters are available at no cost. One to one PAR sessions are available and set at a hourly rate separate from the sliding fee scale.

For More Information

Contact the John Howard Society: (705) 743-8331