John Howard Society of Durham Region

Community Alternatives for School Suspension (CASS)

About C.A.S.S.

The C.A.S.S. program is led by the John Howard Society of Durham Region in partnership with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School board. The School Board provides the academic programming and C.A.S.S. provides some of the non-academic supports and programming. This program is currently available in Clarington only, and runs from 9:00am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday for students who have been suspended for 6 days or more, or expelled.


Call 905-579-8482 ext. 424.

You’ve Been Suspended?

Suspension can be a difficult time for students, families and school staff. C.A.S.S. is a unique program for students to effectively utilize their long-term suspension / expulsion period through academic studies, community involvement and life skills development.

Now What?

Upon notification from your school principal, the C.A.S.S. Facilitator will meet with you the following morning at JHS with your Parent/Guardian to develop an Action Plan to arrange activities for the suspension period. When the plan is developed, we work with you to ensure that all goals are met and progress is tracked and reported to parents and principals.


Benefits of Community Alternatives for School Suspension

  • Safe and structured environment
  • Gain self-confidence and respect for your community while participating in fun and rewarding activities
  • Help you to deal with personal issues that may be affecting your social, academic or family environment
  • Keeps you motivated during your suspension period
  • Being an active member of your community and learning to better handle your feelings will allow you to become a more confident person