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Dads Aiming for Direction and Support (DADS)

What you need to know about accessing our DADS program during the COVID-19 pandemic…

  • currently, the DADS group is being offered online using Zoom, until further notice
  • if you have not attended or participated in any of our groups, please contact Kristina at (905) 623-6814 ext zero for information
  • if you have participated in a group or were registered to do so, please contact the counsellor directly as per the list below. Not sure who you met with? Call Kristina at the above phone number and she can help you out.
  • our current process to get into a group: call Kristina and she will get basic information from you, then book you to ‘meet’ via phone or online platform with one of our counsellors who will find out more about you, provide further program details, and assess for suitability to the program

Counsellor Contact:


Steps to Justice: Family Law Information –

Community Legal Education Ontario: Your Guide to Law in Ontario –


A group for dads experiencing or who have experienced separation or divorce.

We believe that a child deserves to have a positive relationship with both of their parents. We offer a dynamic weekly cognitive skills based support group structured to meet the specific needs of fathers experiencing loss and change associated with separation and divorce.

Are you experiencing any of the following associated with separation and divorce?

  • DADS Logo - Man Crossing BridgeLimited or no access to your child(ren)
  • Increased stress levels
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of friends or family
  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • Frustration dealing with the Family Court System

In this 2.5 hour/week, 8-week facilitator led program for fathers you will learn:
– to expand your support network
– strengthen your relationship with your children
– develop or strengthen interpersonal and parenting skills
– improve strategies to cope during this transitional period

To Register:

Please call our Counselling Services Intake number at 905-623-6814 ext ‘0’

Issues Explored

  • Effects of separation and divorce on children
  • Parenting issues, how to effectively co-parent
  • Anger management, letting go of hurt and resentment
  • Conflict resolution, learning positive communication techniques
  • Building personal support systems
  • Healthy relationships
  • Self-care and stress management
  • And more…

A happy family.