John Howard Society of Durham Region

Youth in Transition (YIT)

The Youth In Transition program receives its referrals from the Durham Children’s Aid Society, and works in connection with DCAS for reaching youth who have left their foster or group home settings voluntarily, and with youth who are approaching the age of 18 and no longer fall within the Children’s Aid Society’s mandate.

As the YIT case workers carry small caseloads, they are able to meet with their service users for several hours each week, depending on the client’s needs, and as well, have increased accessibility to a broader spectrum of community services and supports.

The YIT workers have a grassroots approach, which clearly works with this population. They hold the unique ability and skill set which enables them to connect with youth at their own level. It is not uncommon for a YIT worker to seek out a client through creative means, drawing upon other agencies and street level outreach. Positive reinforcement from a YIT worker can increase motivation levels which in turn improve an individual’s ability to follow through with goals and objectives.


For additional information, contact our YIT staff at 905-579-8482 ext. 441 or 442.