On Point Program

What Is It?

This service contributes to a Harm Reduction model by recovering syringes and other substance use paraphernalia from public parks and green spaces in order to reduce risk associated with needle stick and other injuries. Our team of On Point Facilitators and Program Workers are in priority areas of Durham Region, often daily, safely picking up and disposing of used syringes and other substance use paraphernalia.

The On Point Program has 3 main goals:

  1. Reduce the public’s unintended contact with used syringes and paraphernalia in public spaces by monitoring and cleaning up in key areas;
  2. Provide meaningful and supportive employment opportunities for individuals who have experienced homelessness, addiction, and/or mental illness;
  3. Educate and engage community regarding the safe handling and disposal of syringes and other substance use related paraphernalia.

Frequently asked questions…

Q: I have seen needles when out for a walk, what do I do?

A: If you see needles in public spaces, please contact the On Point Program.

Q: I have a business and I see needles in my parking lot, what do I do?

A: If you do not have sharps handling training, please contact the On Point Program for information and training.

Q: I have sharps handling training, have safely picked up the needles and they are safely contained, how do I dispose of them properly?

A: You can bring them in to any of our JHSD fixed or satellite locations.

Q: I have lived experience and could benefit from job experience, how do I apply for a job?

A: The program hires individuals with personally lived experience and values their insights and non-judgmental approach to Harm Reduction. Program Workers are trained in Sharps Handling, Naloxone Administration and Non-violent Crisis Intervention along with employability skills training on a number of topics that enhance employment and life skills. Please look for hiring opportunities available on our website. https://jhsdurham.bamboohr.com/jobs/

Contact Information:

Email: OnPoint@jhsd.ca

Office: 905-579-8482 Ext #464 or Direct Line: 289-869-0708