John Howard Society of Durham Region

Extrajudicial Measures (EJM)

The EJM Program is designed for youth 12-17 years of age that fall under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, as an alternative approach to the court system.

Young persons in conflict with the law, pre-charge, may be diverted to this service by Durham Regional Police as a measure that helps the individual to better understand the impact and harm of their actions on others. Youth participate in a weekly group program to learn about the social, financial and personal costs of crime to themselves, their families, peers and community through programs like Managing Emotions, Anti-theft, and Healthy Relationships.

One to one counselling is included, and close communication with Durham Regional Police is undertaken to ensure program participants follow-through with expectations and outcomes from the service.

For more information, contact the EJM Facilitators at:

905-579-8482 ext. 434 or 432