John Howard Society of Durham Region

Community and Justice Services


Counselling Services

  • DADS is an educational and peer supported program for dads following separation or divorce, with the goal of assisting dads to expand their support network, strengthen their relationship with their children and develop healthy interpersonal, parenting and co-operative parenting skills.
  • Active Parenting Now is a video based psycho-educational program for parents with children ages 5-12.
  • Active Parenting of Teens is a video based psycho-educational program for parents of teenagers ages 13-17.
  • Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is a video based psycho-educational program for parents learning to effectively co-parent after a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.
  • Adult Anger Management is an 7-week program. Assists individuals through group discussion and activities to understand anger as an emotion, identify negative and non-productive behaviours and develop productive and positive Anger Management techniques in a safe and confidential environment. A participant manual is provided.

Direct Accountability Program:
A court-referred post-charge diversion program for adults offering individuals charged with specific minor offences an opportunity to participate in alternate sanctions.

Women’s Drop-In Program:
A drop-in program for persons involved in the sex trade.  Access to support, information, meals, laundry/showering facilities, harm reduction supplies, and community referrals are provided.

John School:
An 8-hour post-charge diversion program for men.

Harm Reduction/Project X-Change:
Project X-Change is a program aimed at providing counselling, support and referrals to individuals who are experiencing substance use issues. Access to clean supplies such as syringes, sterile water, condoms, inhalation equipment, and safer use information is provided.

Record Suspensions:
Information and administrative support to individuals seeking federal record suspensions. Staff also provide information and referrals regarding waivers and destruction of records.


Extra-Judicial Measures:
A police-referred pre-charge diversion program for youth charged with a minor offence. Programming includes six-hour, four-session groups for both Anti-theft and Anger Management.

Firehouse Youth Centre:
An afterschool program for youth ages 12-18 years providing structured recreation and life skills programming.

Youth In Transition:
Transition workers offer one to one support to youth referred by Durham Children’s Aid Society as they prepare to move out of care to independent living in the community.

C.A.S.S. Program:
Community Alternatives for School Suspension program is offered to students that have been suspended long-term or expelled. CASS provides students with academic, life skills and community involvement while addressing the issues that led to the suspension. Students are also connected with other services that will help with the transition back at school.