John Howard Society of Sarnia Lambton

Extrajudicial Sanctions Program

The Extrajudicial Sanctions Program provides an opportunity for youth 12 – 17 years of age who have committed minor offences to take responsibility for their actions and help repair some of the hurt they have caused the community.

This program operates within the criminal justice process for youth. Youth who have been charged by police and accept responsibility for their actions can be referred to the program by the Crown Attorney. The youth meets with a Society worker and, based on the youth’s offence, abilities and needs, an assigned sanction(s) must be completed by the youth. Sanctions can include activities such as restitution to victims, apologies, personal service, learning-based prevention programming specific to the offence, or charitable work to name a few.

Upon successful completion of the sanction, the Crown Attorney is notified and the youth’s charge is stayed by the Court.

This program provides a vehicle for youth to actively participate in undoing some of the wrong that has been done and save the community the costly court process.