John Howard Society of Sarnia Lambton

Community Service Order Program

The Community Service Order Program has been offered for many years as a highly workable and effective alternative to incarceration. Persons appearing before the Court can receive a ‘Community Service Order’ as part of their sentence. This order requires the person to complete a specified number of hours of voluntary service to a non-profit organization (examples can include service agencies, civic organizations, the municipality, etc.).

Persons referred to this program attend an intake interview during which their experiences and skills are evaluated in order that a meaningful and successful placement can be made. Persons having special needs or other circumstances requiring attention can be accommodated to aid in the successful completion of their Court requirements.

The benefits of such a program are far-reaching. The community receives thousands of hours of unpaid services, is spared the high costs of lengthier court processes and incarceration, and provides the offender with an avenue to help undo the wrong they have done. Offenders are provided the opportunity of actively paying back to the community part of the cost of their wrongdoing, learn more about the workings of their community, learn new skills, and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the environment in which they reside.

The program is active throughout Lambton County and provides placement facilities in outlying areas in order that those performing community service can do so in their own locales and benefit their own communities.