John Howard Society of Sarnia Lambton

Community Support

Record Suspensions

In addition to the resources available on this website, persons making application for a Record Suspension can call the Society office for assistance with the process. Dealing with government departments can often be confusing and frustrating, particularly for those with limited skills or resources. Personal assistance can ease the process and provide information and direction in making a successful application.

Community Education

The criminal justice system is a huge and often hidden component of Canadian society. It is a complex process. It is frequently misunderstood. It requires the attention of all members of our respective communities. It is a given that the problem of crime will never simply go away – it is an important social issue requiring everyone’s best efforts to deal with in a positive and meaningful way.

This service seeks to educate the public about the criminal justice system and social justice issues and their impact on communities.

To that end, the Society is represented on local committees and groups whose objectives serve to improve conditions and build better communities. It offers information services to concerned citizens, civic groups, students, and all levels of government.