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Mission Statement

“Effective, just, and humane responses to crime and its causes.”

The John Howard Society of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton is a non-profit, multi service organization with offices located in Lindsay and Minden. The Society offers programs that aim to prevent repeat offences among individuals who have been in conflict with the law, and prevent delinquent behavior among youth who may be at risk of offending. The John Howard Society believes that crime can be reduced and prevented through social and educational programs and the active involvement of an informed community.


John Howard was an 18th century Englishman who was captured by the French while sailing from England to Spain. He subsequently spent five years in French dungeons before returning to England as part of a prisoner exchange. Eventually, he was made the Sheriff of Bedford, a post which included among its duties, the task of inspecting local prisons. Few sheriffs actually bothered to carry out these duties but John Howard was different. Shocked by the corruption, stench, filth, starvation and disease he saw in the jails, he dedicated his life to improving prison conditions throughout England, Wales and continental Europe. His famous report on the state of prisons in England and Wales led to legislation against the more obvious evils of the system, and slowly moved public opinion to favour more humane prison conditions.

There are many organizations around the world which use the name John Howard. Most of them are associated with correctional reform and/or services to help offenders make positive changes in their lives. Although the organizations outside of Canada are not formally aligned, they share a common purpose and philosophy which reflects the life and work of the late John Howard.

In Ontario, the John Howard Society was founded in 1929 by Brigadier General Draper, then the Chief of Police in Toronto. Draper recognized the futility in much of the work being done by police when prisoners who were being released from jail were thrust into circumstances of unemployment, isolation and poverty – circumstances that escalate rather than decrease the chances of re-offending.

Board of Directors

Terry Cox 

Jaclyn Giffen

Mike Cavanagh

Tom Hickey

Eleanor Cavanagh 

Adam Ranger

Amy Farr

Our Staff

Please contact us at 705.328.0472

We have outgrown our office! Please note the following locations by program, below. Please call us anytime for program information, directions, or locations.


Lois Powers – Executive Director –705-328-0472
Joyce Pett – Director of Finance – 705-328-0472
Shannon Speirs – Assistant Executive Director– 705-328-0472

Youth Services – 370 Kent Street West, Unit #18 (Whitney Town Centre):


Adult Services – 22 Peel Street Office:

Partner Assault Response (PAR) – 705-879-1370

Community Service Order/Intermittent Community Work Program/Anger Management/Direct Accountability  – 705-340-3121

Institutional Services -705-340-3159

Skills Development (Outreach Literacy and Pre-Employment Counselling): 

705-340-0228 Lindsay Office 

705-879-1665 Minden Office

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