John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin

Coalition for the Prevention of Hate Crimes (Peel and Halton)

At JHS Peel-Halton-Dufferin, we specialize in prevention. We’ve taken these skills and partnered with other organizations in our community to help prevent hate crimes in our area.

The Coalition for the Prevention of Hate Crimes (Peel and Halton) meets regularly to discuss hate trends and global events that may be influencing hate-motivated events within our own community, and consider intervention strategies in order to help amplify voices of marginalized groups who continually experience victimization by hate. We are always looking for new members to add their voice and anyone in the community with a vested interest in these issues is welcome to join.

On the ground, we deliver intervention programming to individuals engaging in hate-motivated behaviour, which can have a reverberation effect across our community. These programs, which are continually evolving, are born out of the work done within the coalition. There are no defining criteria for participation; clients can self-refer or be referred by the courts.

Our end goal is to create new laws that will protect the people in our community and change the current system for the better.