John Howard Society of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton

EJM/EJS – Extrajudicial Measures/Extrajudicial Sanctions

Extrajudicial Measures

Mandated alternative to charges and traditional court proceedings for youth who have committed minor offences. Youth are assigned meaningful and relevant consequences through projects, psychoeducational programming, or work in the community. This pre-charge diversion aims to promote accountability and reduce the risk of youth re-offending.

Extrajudicial Sanctions

A formal alternative to the court process for young offenders. Intended for youth who have not committed a serious offence and who have been screened by the Crown for sanctions. Youth take accountability for their actions through meaningful and relevant sanctions. Sanctions may include psychoeducational programming, reparations, and other restorative
practices. Charges may be withdrawn upon completion of sanctions.

For more information on this program, please contact:

Carla Cooper
Program Director
Phone: 705-341-9610