John Howard Society of Peterborough

Youth Justice Committee

If your actions have caused harm in your community, and you’re between the ages of 12 and 17, a restorative justice conference may help you make things right with the people your choices have affected.

According to the principles of restorative justice, justice is achieved when:

  • Victims’ needs are met.
  • Young people take action to repair the harm they have caused.
  • Community members have a role in the justice process.
  • Everyone is guaranteed respect.
  • Victims and offenders move forward peacefully.

What is a Restorative Conference?
A restorative conference occurs when a young person who has committed an offence meets with the people who have been affected by their actions.

What Happens?
The people who have been affected (victims) by an offence are invited to share their feelings and experiences.  They may attend the conference in person; elect a representative to appear on their behalf; or write a victim impact statement.

The young person who has caused harm has a chance to tell their story. As a result of hearing from victims and parents during the conference, young people often become much more aware of their impact on the community.

Parents, family members, friends, and supporters of both parties are encouraged to attend. Everyone present has a voice in the success of the restorative process.

The Youth Justice Committee relies upon a team of skilled volunteers to facilitate restorative conferences.  Check out our Volunteer page on how to become involved.

Who is Eligible?
The Youth Justice Committee serves young people between the ages of 12 and 17 who are in conflict with the law.

For more information call / text:  Josephine at 705 927 1511  or