John Howard Society of Peterborough

School Suspension

The Suspension and Expulsion Program

**By School Referral Only**

The Safe School program is a voluntary program that is working to help students achieve socially and academically. Academic support is readily available for school subjects.
The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board has partnered with the John Howard Society of Peterborough. A youth worker is available to all students who participate in this program.

To ensure that students are fully supported it is important to address student’s needs. Students can improve and develop skills in all aspects of life by participating in workshops and programs that are offered in the Safe School Program.

Programs & Workshops
While students are in the Safe Schools Program they have an opportunity to participate in a variety of non-academic programs which allow participants to build on life skills to help prepare students for challenges ahead.

Some of the programs that are available are:

Do you have your Social Insurance Card? We can help you apply.
Resume and cover letter writing available.
Preparation for job interviews.
Referrals to Employment Agencies of Peterborough.

Is a series of one- on-one discussions and worksheets that help youth gain knowledge of: Understanding anger.
Coping techniques.
Dealing with anger positively.

Becoming aware of time.
Confronting procrastination.
Evaluation of time loss.
Implementing skills to improve time management.

Gain positive skills of money management.

A series of one-on-one discussions and worksheets that help youth gain knowledge of:

Improve confidence.
Character building.
Self talk.

Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships.
Building healthy relationships.
Social influences.
Making good decisions.

Social influences.
Drug safety.
Safe School Location
Peterborough Collegiate
1201 McDonnel St., Room 114
Peterborough ON
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 12 noon

For More Information
**By School Referral Only**

Graham Petty
Student Support and Re-integration Worker
Long Term Suspensions and Expulsions Program, PCVS
t:(705) 933-4491