John Howard Society of Peel-Halton-Dufferin

Adult Justice Services

Direct Accountability

This court-mandated program offers an alternative to prosecution for adults who have had limited involvement with the law. People who have been charged with minor offences can join this program and are held accountable for their actions through alternative methods, like community service or psycho-educational groups.

We do much more than simply act as their case manager to ensure that they complete their specified sanctions; by working closely with them, we are often able to identify other at-risk issues, such as homelessness or experiences with mental health, and offer support in their journey towards building a positive future.


Systems Navigation Program (SNP)

Systems navigation services play an important role in supporting a client during the critical few weeks following release. The Systems Navigator acts as a trusted guide, particularly for clients with high needs who lack social support systems being released from Maplehurst Correctional Complex. The Systems Navigator helps individuals connect with appropriate services in the community and provides on-going support and connection for individuals.


Community Reintegration Planning Table – Maplehurst (Community Co-Chair)

The Planning Tables provide a venue for staff from correctional institutions (including CROs and other institutional staff), service providers from various sectors (e.g., housing, social work, health, mental health and addictions, etc.), municipalities and Indigenous community representatives to meet regularly and discuss community reintegration for high needs/high risk individuals in custody. This enables proactive support and structured release planning to help mitigate potential individual risk by ensuring they have access to appropriate types of interventions in the community.