John Howard Society of Kingston & District

Residential Services

Our housing program features fifteen bachelor units designed to provide accommodation and support to conditionally-released male federal offenders. Our primary objective is to provide residents with a stable, structured, and supervised independent living environment as they reintegrate back into the community.

By creating a supportive living environment, we will provide individuals a chance at successful reintegration, an opportunity to work on education and employment objectives, and access to services within a safe and supportive environment.

Residents will have access to:

  • residential support plans
  • housing support and advocacy
  • information and referrals

  • community resources
  • education and employment referrals
  • assistance with housing searches

Additional support will be provided through community partnerships.


Application Process:

The application procedure for admission to VMR on Day Parole, Statutory Release or Long-Term supervision Order is as follows:

  • Initial contact through correspondence from the applicant or via referral from other agencies or institutions;
  • Upon receipt of the above, an application package will be sent to the applicant. This package includes; an introduction letter, an application form and a house brochure;

CRF Application

Personal interviews will be arranged as required at specific institutions;

After all pertinent information is received, the Institutional Parole Officer must request that a Community Assessment (CA) be conducted in Kingston. The Community Assessment is completed by the Correctional Service of Canada and involves staff of the local Community Residential Facility and a multidisciplinary team from CSC.

A written decision of acceptance or refusal which includes the rationale for the decision against admission criteria will be forwarded to CSC staff within one week of Community Assessment Team meetings.

Please note that any offer of admission will always be contingent on future bed space availability.

Admission Criteria:

Vince Maloney Residence admission criteria include male offenders released on: Day Parole, Statutory Release (with Conditional Residency), Long-Term Supervision Orders (with Conditional Residency), Escorted Temporary Absences (ETA’s), and Unescorted Temporary Absences (UTA’s).

Admission into Vince Maloney Residence is subject to applicant’s case being approved at Community Assessment Team (CAT) meeting.


  • Those who require a period of adjustment in a structured environment before taking responsibility for independent living in the community.
  • Preference will be given to Kingston-local cases who have confirmed pro-social ties to the Kingston community or who have developed a release plan specific to the city of Kingston.
  • All offences will be considered.

Potential Exclusions:

  • Those who have needs exceeding the medical, physical, psychiatric, or substance abuse support that is offered. Clients must have the ability to complete ADL’s largely independently.
  • Those who have current incompatibles within the facility.
  • Those with history of significant violence towards staff (VMR is unable to accept cases which meet the tandem-supervision criterion)
  • Those who have illustrated a refusal to abide by conditions of release and are assessed as posing an undue risk to the Kingston community within a CRF setting.
  • Those with victims residing in the Kingston area in instances where victim expresses desire for applicant to not be in the city of Kingston.
  • Those who do not have a condition requiring them to reside in a CRF/CCC (VMR is not able to accommodate voluntary residency cases)
  • VMR will not accept Day Parole applications in instances where the applicant is denying the index offence.

For more information, please call 613-767-0651 (residential phone line) or e-mail

The purchase of appliances and furnishings for our housing has been made possible through the financial contribution of the Correctional Service of Canada.