John Howard Society of Kingston & District

Institutional Services

We provide support and assistance to individuals who are imprisoned in the eight federal penitentiaries throughout the Kingston area, as well as Quinte Detention Center in Napanee.

We work with incarcerated individuals to plan for their eventual release and to develop support networks which will help them once they are released from prison. Successful reintegration planning and preparedness is key to reducing risk factors of reoffending and contributing to community safety for all.

This assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pre-Release Planning Group to provide resources necessary for successful reintegration for individuals soon to be released into the community
  • Phone Services to provide information and resources to individuals incarcerated and to families affected by incarceration

  • Information on a variety of topics, such as the policies and procedures of the Correctional Services of Canada and the National Parole Board

Funding for these programs is provided by The John Howard Society of Ontario and our local fundraising activities.

We provide service to the following institutions

  • Collins Bay
  • Joyceville
  • Bath
  • Millhaven
  • Quinte Detention Centre

  • Frontenac (Collins Bay-minimum)
  • Pittsburgh (Joyceville – minimum)
  • Regional Treatment Centre

Referrals from any source, including self-referrals, are welcome!

Callers from any institution should make use of our toll-free number: 1-888-325-7930

Visiting a loved one inside?

A handbook for people visiting a prisoner at an adult correctional facility in Ontario. Click here for more information

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