John Howard Society of Kingston & District

Bail Verification and Supervision Program – Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, and Napanee

The Bail Verification and Supervision program supervises individuals, 16 years and older, in the community who have been charged with a criminal offence, but do not have the social ties or finances to meet bail conditions.

How Do I apply?

A referral to the Bail Verification and Supervision Program can be made by Defense Counsel, Crown Attorney or the accused.

Am I eligible?

John Howard staff attend Bail Court daily, and will meet with you to determine eligibility.

What is my responsibility?

  • Must meet with my Bail Supervisor at least once a week
  • Comply with my conditions of release and the rules of the program
  • Work with my Bail Supervisor to determine a case plan

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Allows you to live/ maintain your housing in the community while awaiting trial
  • Access to a Bail Supervisor to address your risk and needs
  • Combination of individual services and community referral

  • Provides support and guidance to you during a stressful period
  • Focuses on skill development to maintain a prosocial lifestyle and prevent further criminal activity
  • Research based

What are some ways can the program help me?

  • Employment counselling
  • Literacy training
  • Community Referrals (eg. drug counselling)

  • Individual counselling support
  • Assistance in securing housing

We are grateful for the support of:

  • The Crown Attorney’s Office
  • Defense Counsel

  • Duty Counsel
  • Kingston Police Force