John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area

Community Programs

Record Suspension Program
(currently on hold)

You can find all the information / forms / instructions to complete and submit an application independently on the Parole Board of Canada website.

Waiver of Inadmissibility Program (Travel Waiver)
(currently on hold)

You can find more information on the application fo advance permission to enter the U.S. as a non immigrant on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Family Support Program
(Funded by the United Way of Halton & Hamilton)
The Family Support Program is designed to provide support, information, early intervention and referral to other services for parents with youth ages 12 to 17 who are experiencing parenting challenges or parent/child conflicts. Service is strength based, family centered and offered in individual or group formats. The goal is to assist families to find positive solutions to conflicts and concerns by identifying and using family strengths, creating greater understanding between parents and youth and providing a skills building process for parents of youth.
Although the topics of the group sessions are participant directed some of the sessions available include: providing effective boundaries, communication strategies, problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolution. The program is delivered on site and off site throughout Hamilton, Burlington and Area and is open to community referrals.

Transportation Program
(Funded in part by the John Howard Society of Ontario)
The Transportation program offers low cost, twice per month transportation for visitors to the federal institutions in the Warkworth and Kingston areas. Operated primarily by volunteers, the program allows for direct family contact which would not ordinarily be possible for families due to financial difficulties.

Community Education Program
(Funded by the John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area)
This program is designed to provide the community with a balanced approach to information regarding the realities of crime, crime trends and statistics and the impact of crime on Hamilton and its citizens. During the past decade we have seen a dramatic decrease in crime statistics, yet a converse increase in fear on the part of citizens. The agency attempts to counter this trend through appearances at seminars, speaking engagements, presentations and various media contacts to present a realistic view of crime and its impact.

Volunteer Program
(Funded by the John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area)
Volunteers are an essential part of the operation of the John Howard Society and, as such, the agency ensures that all volunteers have been properly selected, screened, trained and supported in their work with the Society. Volunteers can be involved in board and committee membership, planning and consultation, special events, fundraising, and in direct service.