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Adult Programs

Direct Accountability

(Funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General)
Direct Accountability includes two service components, a Community Justice Worker and Programming Options. The Community Justice Worker attends court on a daily basis and receives referrals for diversion from the office of the Crown Attorney for offenders who have been charged with Provincial Class I Presumptively Eligible Offences or low level Class II Offences.
The Community Justice Worker works collaboratively with the Crown and the offender to determine, implement and monitor sanctions which could include one or more of the following:
Community service work, letter of apology, charitable donation, restitution, referral to Direct Accountability Programming Options or alternate service within the community
Direct Accountability also includes three Programming Options which can be utilized as sanctions based on the nature of the offence committed. Educational and informational in nature, the Programming Options include:
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Anger Management
Stop Shop Theft

Federal Adult Diversion Program
(Fee for service)
The Adult Diversion Program is an initiative whereby selected offenders are diverted from the normal court process while still being accountable for their offence. To qualify for the program, an individual must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the offence and be charged within the schedule of offences acceptable for the Federal Adult Diversion Program. Upon successful completion of the Adult Diversion Agreement, all further criminal proceedings relating to the charge against the offender will be terminated.

Bail Verification and Supervision Program
(Funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General)
This pre-trial services program serves to assist both the Court and accused persons in the assignment and fulfillment of bail conditions. Verification of the accused community circumstances is obtained to assist the Court in establishing bail requirements. In certain cases of financial hardship, a reporting requirement to the Bail Program may replace the condition for a cash or surety bail.

Seniors Restorative Justice Committee Project
The Seniors Restorative Justice Committee Project is a committee comprised of trained senior volunteers who mentor and support other seniors or older adults who have committed an offense in the community.
Committee participants (offenders) may be referred by court (post charge). The committee works with the offender to determine appropriate sanctions consistent with restorative justice practices.
Sanctions may include (but are not limited to):
Community service
Letter of apology
Financial restitution
Participation in community programming

Intimate Partner Violence Program (IPV) 

Community Anger Management Program (CAMP) 

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