John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington


Community Feedback

Partner Assault Response Program

“I attended the PAR program here at John Howard. I was court ordered. At first I was very skeptical of how this program could help me and my marriage. My husband and I were very abusive with each other for 5 years. I thought it was over for sure. This program has taught me to be a better person, wife and mother. I believe anyone could benefit from this program. My gratitude to John Howard Society runs very deep. Thanks so much for helping me save my marriage and life.”

“I attended your PAR program twice. I found the teaching to be rather repetitive and the class was so long, but it ended up changing me entirely. I learned to manage my anger and understand healthy relationships. The teachers were understanding, patient, and gave great advice. Although it was sometimes humiliating to share my personal struggles in front of others, the other participants learned from my mistakes and vice versa.     Thanks so much!!”

Direct Accountability Program

“I was referred here by the Court for the Diversion Program. I found the entire experience to be positive! It was overall a learning experience for me. The two workshops I was referred to helped me understand why I had done what I did (theft) and how to avoid repeating this in the future.”

Community Aftercare Program

“I am an example of the healing and success of this Society: helped me with alcohol related problems.   (My Worker) has made a positive change in my life. His advice and support have been vital to my recovery.”

“I was attending John Howard for two years. I have been coming back to visit with my old workers as they provide me with support/references for help and knowledge. I am very happy with the service at John Howard.”

“I have found that the degree of help and counseling are unsurpassed. I find that even though I have to travel a little, it is 100% worth it. I feel that every town should have a JOHN HOWARD!!! My counselor is… # 1 in Canada without a doubt. He has really helped me to weather a few storms and I am very thankful that JHS is here. Thank you.”

“I was an addict for 10 years. I’ve been seeing (my worker) since 2001, on and off. Even though I took off on him many times and for long periods, he and John Howard were always there when I came back. They always supported me and offered resources. In 2010, I got serious about getting clean and I’ve been clean for 3½ years now. I’m working full time, got married and I have all my family support back. My success is due to the help from God and the John Howard.”

“I am a person with 28 years of incarceration under my belt. Since my release a few years ago and my contact with John Howard Society’s (Aftercare Worker), I’ve been able to break the cycle. I’ve never really had anyone to talk to without being judged when times got rough. I see (him) bi‑weekly and we talk about things that may be stressing me, or ways to deal with problems of everyday living. I’m going on my second year of freedom. Thanks … for being there to listen and give advice.”

Back on Track Program, Partner Assault Response Program and Aftercare Program

“I’ve been attending the building for the last two months on a regular basis. I’ve been for the Back on Track 2-day course. The info I’ve received has been helpful and I have passed it to my friends. I also come for PAR and I have completed Phase 1. I have already noticed the re-wiring within myself.  I also come for counseling and have received some really positive info and feedback. The staff from the entire building has been wonderful/caring and very informative.  Thank you to all at the John Howard Society.”

Extra Judicial Sanctions Program

“….. I would like to thank the volunteers of the John Howard Society….   They both were very helpful, kind and well knowledgeable…. “

…Their dedication to help youth in trouble with the law is really something special. The John Howard Society should be very proud to have (the volunteers) on their team.”Anger Management Workshop – Direct Accountability Program“If anger management, life skills and philosophy were introduced into our school system, we could help eliminate or radically reduce deviant behavior we often find turning up in the court system.  It was a lovely class where I felt my voice was being listened to and I found great joy in learning the productive cycle of thinking and action today in this workshop!””I learned a lot.  This program should be offered to schools at the high school level so we are better equipped to handle stress and anger”Substance Use Workshop – Direct Accountability Program“Everything was well presented and helped me think of safe and healthy ways to deal with various substance abuse situations.  Overall, very happy with the program”