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Partner Assault Response (PAR) Programs

Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program

This is a Psycho-educational group counselling program offered by JHST. It is available to men in conflict with the law that are mandated to attend in response to Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence related charges or convictions. All referrals are made through Courts or Probation & Parole Offices. Therefore, self-referrals cannot be accepted. The referrals are processed via the PAR Centralized Intake & Referral Services – CIRS (further details mentioned in the next paragraph). To determine eligibility and specific counselling needs, men are scheduled with an intake assessment/orientation session followed by group counselling sessions. This program is offered in a 12 weeks-12 sessions, once a week format, with group options available 6 days per week between Monday to Saturday. Group sessions are conducted throughout Toronto to ensure accessibility for participants. The victims and/or partners of the enrolled participants are offered with supports; including safety planning and information on relevant community resources. This program is approved and funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.


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PAR – Centralized Intake and Referral Service (CIRS)

This service is offered on site at the OCJ-T for accused individuals on Bail or on Probation with an Intimate Partner Violence charge and are deemed eligible to participate in the PAR program. The PAR-CIRS coordinates all bail and probation referrals for individuals that are court mandated to attend the PAR program. Referrals are made to the ten MAG-funded PAR service delivery agencies across Toronto. This service is exclusively provided to process referrals for all the PAR program serving agencies across Toronto. All referrals to CIRS come through Probation and Parole or the Domestic Violence Division of Courts. Referrals are processed for all genders, as per the individual’s requirements. There are no self-referrals to CIRS. This service is approved and funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.


Enrolling in the Partner Assault Response (PAR) program? Please see answers to some frequently asked questions about enrolling in the PAR program before calling our offices.

Q: I am looking to enroll in the PAR program, how do I start the process?

A: Only individuals who have been court ordered to complete the PAR program can enroll. If you have been ordered by a Toronto courthouse to complete this program, then a referral will be sent to our agency from the court, and we will contact you to begin the enrollment process. If you have been ordered to complete this program from a court outside of Toronto, then you must make sure you have a copy of the court order which states you must complete this program (i.e. bail order or undertaking) before contacting JHST for enrollment.

Q: I was ordered by a Toronto courthouse to complete the PAR program, but nobody has contacted me yet, what should I do?

A: The PAR program is in incredibly high demand, and we are processing more referrals than ever. Patience on behalf of clients is requested by our agency as we will contact you to begin the enrollment process as soon as we are able to. As well, until we receive the proper court documents, we will not be able to begin the enrollment process.

Q: I completed an intake with JHST and was referred to a PAR agency, but when I contacted the agency, they informed they did not have my referral package yet, what should I do?

A: After completing an intake with JHST the next step in the enrollment process is having your bail or undertaking varied to include the necessary PAR conditions which should have been covered during your intake. If we have not yet sent you referral to your assigned PAR agency this means that we have not yet received your varied bail/undertaking. Please follow up with your legal counsel or the courts to inquire about when your bail variation will be completed.

Q: I was scheduled for an intake with JHST but for some reason need to reschedule my intake, what should I do?

A: If you need to reschedule your referral intake then you should contact the email address or phone number of the referral coordinator. You should have this number and or email address as this is how the referral coordinator would have contacted you to schedule your initial intake.

Q: I was found ineligible for the PAR program by the intake worker, what should I do?

A: If you have been found ineligible for the PAR program then you will need to follow up with the courts to see which options are available for you.

Q: I have completed my intake with JHST and my bail variation with the courts and now need to start my programming, what should I do?

A: if you have completed your referral intake and your bail/undertaking variation has been completed then you must contact your assigned PAR agency to begin the program. The contact information for your assigned agency should have either been provided to you during your intake, is listed on your bail/undertaking, or was emailed to you by the referral coordinator.