John Howard Society of Toronto

PAR – Domestic Violence Service

Treatment services are available to men who have been mandated due to domestic assault charges to attend this program. All referrals are made through court and probation. To determine eligibility and specific counselling needs men are scheduled an assessment/orientation session. This program is offered 6 days per week Monday to Saturday. Group sessions are conducted throughout Toronto to ensure accessibility for participants. The partners of the men in the PAR program are provided with support including safety planning and information on relevant community resources.  This program is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

All participants are referred through court, there are no self-referrals

For information contact us at or phone us at 416-925-2228


What is the Difference?: Anger Management vs Domestic Violence Counselling


PAR – Domestic Violence Court & Probation Referrals

This service is provided to Probation and Domestic Violence Courts to process referrals for PAR Programs in Toronto.  All referrals to the PAR program come through Probation or the Domestic Violence Courts.  There are no self-referrals to the PAR program.  This program is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Contact – PAR Referral Service – 416-925-2228 or