John Howard Society of Toronto

Record Suspension (Pardons)

Note: Due to the number of applicants we currently have, there is a waitlist for all individuals interested in applying for a record suspension. If you wish to be contacted, please fill out the waiting list form below.

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Our Record Suspension team will take you through the steps on applying for a Record Suspension (Pardon). This process can be overwhelming and our staff have the expertise to ensure you have the information you need and are supported through the application time period. This service is provided at both our Eglinton location and Scarborough location. There is an administration fee of $525 in addition to other applicable fees.

To access this service contact:

Valentina Posada-Orozco
t: 416-925-4386 ext. 271



Individuals who wish to apply for a Record Suspension without our service please follow this guide.