John Howard Society of Toronto

Reintegration Service Trailer

Temporarily Closed

Located right outside of the Discharge doors in the parking lot of the Toronto South Detention Centre, the Reintegration Services Trailer provides support for those being released from the jail or returning to pick up their property. Our staff and peer support workers are available to provide connections and warm referrals to vital services and programs, within the John Howard Society of Toronto and across the city. We provide clothing, food/snacks, TTC tokens, a place to check emails or charge cell phones, and the opportunity for clients to be accompanied by a peer support worker in the community. We also offer overdose prevention information, harm reduction education/tools, and naloxone.

Reintegration Services Trailer
160 Horner Ave. (Parking lot)
Etobicoke, Ontario

For more information, please contact:
Mark Linton
Reintegration Services and Mobile Unit – Team Leader