John Howard Society of Toronto

Crossroads Day Reporting Centre (CDRC)

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and John Howard Society of Toronto have a partnership through the development of the Crossroads Day Reporting Centre (CDRC). The CDRC represents a critical component in the continuum of care within the context of community based corrections consistent with objectives related to a safer community and enhanced offender reintegration.

The CDRC targets higher risk/need offenders in the community by delivering a program that is proactive and integrates evidence-based components resulting from up to date research in community corrections and offenders rehabilitation.

The primary objective of the CDRC is to work within the guideline of CSC, the National Parole Board, and its parole offices, while honoring the needs of the local community. We contribute to enhanced community safety and decreased victimization through the facilitation of the higher risk offender’s successful reintegration. The CDRC can help meet the challenges of community supervision (i.e. parole) by accepting high risk offenders, utilizing the most updated evidence-based risk/need assessment instruments and developing and implementing an individualized case management plan that targets services and community resources to offenders’ needs. Counseling is done one-to-one and the frequency of reporting as well as the types of needs addressed vary for each offender.

Scott Leone
Chief Operating Officer
t: 416-469-8312