John Howard Society of Sault Ste. Marie & District

Options Navigator

JHS partnered in October 2014 with United Way to meet a need in our community to improve services/referrals to those people living in the downtown area, toward employment, schooling, and support services. The Options Navigator position works primarily on the Community Wellness Bus, a mobile service that assists individuals with a multitude of supports such as housing, harm reduction, and medical care. The Options Navigator reaches residents in the area through walkabouts and speaking to residents about their needs to enable them to gain further skills toward employment/schooling and meeting basic needs. There are significant barriers for many people who live in the area such as addictions, mental health, housing, employment, etc. therefore many people require follow-up after referrals are made. The Options Navigator, therefore, needs to develop trust with the neighborhood, while providing ongoing support. This program is funded by the United Way.