John Howard Society of Sault Ste. Marie & District

Direct Accountability Program

This is a diversion program which reduces court time and criminal records for adults. The Crown Attorney notifies the accused at their first court appearance if they are eligible for this program. The accused then meets with the JHS Community Justice Worker who explains the program and the sanction assigned by the Crown, and then determines eligibility. To be considered for the program an individual must:

· Be willing to accept responsibility for actions that led to the charge.

· Be 18 years of age or older
· Be willing to make amends for their offence through an assigned task or “sanction”.
· Complete an agreement, which outlines the terms of sanctions to be met.
If successful, the person does not have to return to court and does not have a criminal conviction registered. Sanctions include Community Service Hours; restitution to the victim; donation to an agency; or attendance at our Anger and Substance Awareness Program. This program explores anger and substance use and the effects on the mind and body, the costs and benefits of substance use, the benefits of change and treatment options. This program is funded by Ministry of the Attorney General.