John Howard Society of London & District

Service 7

Women’s Group/Kingston Trips/Children’s Group

Women’s Groups:

The John Howard Society offers a woman centred program to support women who have a loved one in prison. Women have an opportunity to receive support through emotional crisis, evaluate their relationship and receive relevant information about the criminal justice system. The women share common experiences and emotions in a confidential and non-judgmental setting and develop new coping skills. Through group involvement, women build relationships with other women and feel less socially isolated.

Kingston Trips:

The Society provides opportunities for family members of incarcerated individuals to visit Kingston area institutions. The trips are subsidized and offered at a minimal cost.

Children’s Group:

The John Howard Society offers a group for girls and a group for boys (4 to 12 years old) in the Huron subsidized housing project. Through weekly group involvement, the children explore other cultures, racism, bullying, healthy relationships, family violence and safety planning. Activities include cooking, art, crafts, sports, games, science experiments and drama. The Society’s staff and volunteers become positive role models for the children and have developed positive, meaningful relationships with them.