Centre of Research & Policy

The Osmok Centre of Research & Policy

We believe that policy should be grounded in the day-to-day reality of the people it impacts. That’s why our Centre of Research & Policy specializes in bridging the gap between analysis and frontline service delivery.

By collaborating closely with our local offices, the Centre’s team of analysts and researchers develops policy positions that truly reflect the needs of each community, advances those positions to governments and other organizations, educates the public on the critical issues, and evaluates program efficacy to guide future work. Through it all, they’re committed to ensuring that innovative ideas can translate into real action.

In all its work, the Centre adheres to established ethical guidelines and standards for research and evaluation purposes; all research and evaluation conforms to the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, December 2018 (TCPS 2). In compliance with the TCPS 2, JHSO has established a Research Ethics Board (REB) to review select research projects involving human subjects that are being conducted by the Centre, in order to ensure that such research conforms to ethical standards.

The Centre is named after after Paula Osmok, former CEO of the John Howard Society of Ontario, for her dedication, vision and commitment to social justice research, policy and advocacy.

What We Do

A white head and a Turquoise head each with an arrow going from one head to the other head Research

We undertake and promote high quality and applied criminal and social justice research that advances effective responses to crime and its causes.

A white coloured head with a dotted line circle around it and a Policy

We develop and advance evidence-based policy positions to promote policy reform and positive systems change as it relates to criminal justice.

A white coloured head with a yellow speech bubble containing a question mark Program Evaluation

We conduct robust and complex evaluations to ensure that programs and services are effective and evidence-based.

A white head with a purple heart within it Public Education

We facilitate public education initiatives about criminal and social justice issues and solutions to deepen understanding of important criminal justice issues and responses.

Areas of Focus


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