Success – Literacy

Never too old to start

Henry entered the Learning Alternatives Program as a 50 year old, that had lived a hard life, that was centred around his addictions. His health problems were substantial, but had convinced him to change his lifestyle. Free from his dependencies, he was determined to give back to society more than he had taken.

In a supportive environment, with special recognition to Glenda, he learned to function socially at a higher level. He upgraded his language and math skills toward entering into upgrading at Durham College. He completed his college preparation, and entered the Social Services Worker program, also at Durham College. Henry has just graduated from that two year program, in May 2015.

He is now employed part-time in Scarborough and co-facilitates an Anger Management program. While his health issues may prevent him from sustaining full-time employment (he suffers from COPD as well as other issues) he plans to take a course in Addiction Counselling at McMaster University in the near future.

Henry stated that “his gratitude is continuous” and feels that he is now equipped toward playing a part in “making society better”.