Institutional Services

January 22, 2024 -

These services are provided to inmates (and their family) who are in custody in the Central North Correctional Centre, Fenbrook Institution and Beavercreek Institution. Its goal is to assist individuals in their search for viable and sustainable post release and resettlement options. Services are offered by phone from the JHS’ main office site and in the institutions listed above. Case Management services are provided by JHS staff via monthly visits to all three institutions. Follow up and correspondence is completed every Friday and much follow up work is done at the Barrie office. On Tuesdays, collect calls from inmates are accepted. Currently, these institutional services are available on a one on one basis only. All participation is voluntary. Funding for the program is provided by JHS Ontario.

John Howard Society of Simcoe & Muskoka: Main Office
80 Bradford St. – Unit 228
Barrie, ON
L4N 6S7