Bail Verification and Supervision Program – London

July 17, 2024 -

The program provides community supervision to individuals who do not have the financial or social supports to meet bail requirements. Prospective clients are interviewed while in custody to determine eligibility. If release is approved by the court, clients report weekly, or more often, to have their conditions monitored. The program also provides enhanced supervision to support clients with mental health and substance use issues. The program offers specialized services for Indigenous people using a culturally appropriate approach.
Must be 16 years of age or older, awaiting a bail hearing/review, not have access to a surety, and willing and able to comply with release conditions and sign a Bail Supervision Contract to be eligible for the program.
Individuals can apply by contacting the program using their lawyer or duty counsel and requesting to speak to the Bail program worker. Collect calls are accepted.
This program is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

John Howard Society of London & District: Bail Office
570 Queens Ave
London, ON
N6B 1Y8