Complaints Policy


The purpose of this policy document is to set out procedures in the event of acomplaint from a person external to the Society.

Our Commitment

The John Howard Society of Ontario is committed to dealing with and resolving complaints as quickly as possible. All complaints and appeals will be handled professionally, confidentially and in a timely manner, in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution that is fair and equitable to all parties.

Complaints Process

A complaint may be submitted in writing (by mail, fax or email) to the appropriate senior staff member or Board member. The person who receives the complaint will forward it to either the Executive Director or the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, if necessary. Contact information will be collected from the complainant and an approximate timeframe for response will be provided.

Complaint Resolution

Complaints will be handled as efficiently as possible. The person receiving the complaint will attempt to resolve it immediately. If this is not possible, the complaint will be given to the executive director or the Board President. A response will be provided in writing to the complainant clearly outlining the rationale for any decision. If the complaint requires escalation, it must be submitted in writing either by the complainant or by the staff member. Complainants may submit an appeal to the next level of supervision, and if still unsatisfied, may contact a relevant governing body external to the Society, such as the Canada Revenue Agency or Imagine Canada, if appropriate.

Documenting the Complaint

All complaints will be recorded and will include the contact information of the complainant, details of the complaint, who responded, resolution, and outcome. Complaints exposing the organization to liability, risk, or reputational harm will be reported to the Board of Directors annually.

Contact Information

Complaints may be submitted by email to in writing to:

John Howard Society of Ontario
342 Queen St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1S8

or by fax to 416-408-2991.