Success – 1970 Parolee

I just wanted to thank the John Howard Society for being there for me when I was paroled in or around 1977.

Special thanks to a Sylvia Robillard in which her kind down to earth ways and helpfull advice I will never forget. A special thanks to Bill Fry as well.

The first JHS office then was on the second floor at King & Simcoe Streets.
Then they moved to Bruce Street.

A few times I set up a 24 foot ladder on the sidewalk, climbed up and cleaned Bill & Sylvias office windows. Part of my parole conditions was to report in every week to Sylvia at the John Howard Society office. The visits with me on the ladder at the window was chalked up as an official visit by Sylvia.

The John Howard Society was great.
They helped me adjust and went out of their way to do so.
I do hope Bill & Sylvia are doing well and please send my best wishes to them both.

Gary B.