John Howard Society of York Region

Direct Accountability Program

The Direct Accountability Program is an alternative to prosecution for adults 18 years and older who have been charged with minor criminal offences. Eligibility for this program is determined by the Crown Attorney’s office and participation in this program is voluntary. Sanctions are determined either by a Crown Attorney or by our Court Intake Workers. This program involves accused persons being held accountable for their actions through relevant and meaningful community-based sanctions.

Sanctions available through the Direct Accountability Program may include but are not limited to: restitution, a letter of apology, community service hours, a charitable donation, attending a program or presentation and/or entering a Peace Bond. Ministry of the Attorney General funded programming options are currently provided by Family Services of York Region and Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County for our region. These programs address topics such as shoplifting prevention, alcohol and drug education, anger management and anger and substance awareness. Additional community-based programming can also be arranged by our Court Intake Workers to address issues that may be underlying to criminal involvement.

By successfully completing the sanction(s) imposed through this program, individuals are held accountable for their actions and in turn, give back to their community and/or repair the harm their criminal charge has caused. Successful program completion allows for criminal charge(s) to be withdrawn by the court. Individuals who are not accepted into the Direct Accountability Program or who do not successfully complete their sanctions to the satisfaction of the Court Intake Workers or to the court will be returned to the formal court process.

Funding for this program is provided by the Government of Ontario.

For more information on this program, please contact:

Tricia Samaroo
Program Coordinator
t: 905.470.0003 ext. 204
f: 905.470.0090

Newmarket Courthouse: 905-895-2950
Bradford Courthouse: 905-806-3367 (Thursdays only)