John Howard Society of Toronto

Post Incarceration and Housing Services


The Housing team provides pre-release counselling and information in reference to housing access and support. We provide these services to individuals upon release as well with a goal of assisting individuals to obtain and maintain permanent housing. Individuals can access this service during incarceration by putting in request to meet with a John Howard Society Housing representative through a Correctional Officer. Upon release this program can be accessed by calling our Housing office at 416-925-4387.


First Things First – Addiction Housing Services

This is a harm reduction service provided to men who require these supports in order to maintain their housing. Our Addiction Counsellor helps to develop an individual plan of care for each participant. Weekly Relapse Prevention groups are provided.

To access this service individuals can contact:

Joanne Amos
t: 647-882-8433
Email: Click to submit message

Homes for Good (H4G)

Homes for Good addresses homelessness following transitions from provincially-funded institutions and service systems for those who are:

  • Currently experiencing homelessness (unsheltered, emergency sheltered) and have within the past six months spent 30 cumulative nights in a provincially-funded institution. OR,
  • Currently in a provincially-funded institution for 30 days or more and prior to entering the provincially-funded institution had been homeless (unsheltered, emergency sheltered) for six months, and is likely to be homeless upon discharge.

We provide help finding housing and intensive follow up supports to these clients.

To access this service individuals can contact:

Karen Crawford
t: 416-792-7808

Crossroads Program & Donald G. Evans Residence (DGER)

Walter Huculak House – known as the Crossroads Program and Donald G. Evans Residence (DGER) are community residential facilities for federally sentenced adult males on a supervised release from a federal institution. The paramount goal of these programs is to increase public safety by assisting with the successful reintegration of these clients.

Staff works in collaboration with Correctional Services Canada (CSC) to effectively manage risk by addressing “need areas” that assist client’s stabilization in the community and lead productive pro-social lives.

The following program areas are provided to all clients;

Individual Counselling
Graduated Leave System
Employment/ Vocational/ Educational Programs
Financial Program
Leisure/Recreational/Social Programs
Substance Abuse Programs
Community Involvement Program

Scott Leone
Director of Residential Services
t: 416-469-8312

Crossroads Day Reporting Centre (CDRC)

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and John Howard Society of Toronto have a partnership through the development of the Crossroads Day Reporting Centre (CDRC). The CDRC represents a critical component in the continuum of care within the context of community based corrections consistent with objectives related to a safer community and enhanced offender reintegration.

The CDRC targets higher risk/need offenders in the community by delivering a program that is proactive and integrates evidence-based components resulting from up to date research in community corrections and offenders rehabilitation.

The primary objective of the CDRC is to work within the guideline of CSC, the National Parole Board, and its parole offices, while honoring the needs of the local community. We contribute to enhanced community safety and decreased victimization through the facilitation of the higher risk offender’s successful reintegration. The CDRC can help meet the challenges of community supervision (i.e. parole) by accepting high risk offenders, utilizing the most updated evidence-based risk/need assessment instruments and developing and implementing an individualized case management plan that targets services and community resources to offenders’ needs. Counseling is done one-to-one and the frequency of reporting as well as the types of needs addressed vary for each offender.

Scott Leone
Director of Residential Services
t: 416-469-8312